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Titan in the Middle East

Over the years Titan has proved very popular in the Gulf states and has performed in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain and recently performed to high acclaim in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Titan the Robot now has a permanent base in Dubai making bookings in the Gulf much simpler, more cost effective and available at short notice. Titan is ready to perform at shopping malls, trade stand activations, festivals, family fun days or any event big or small.

For bookings in the Gulf area please contact Emerald Events and Exhibitions in Dubai or for bookings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contact ABG and they both will be able to help you with everything from quotes to logistics.


For all enquiries in the Middle East apart from Saudi Arabia please contact:

Robyn Sokol
Managing Director
Emerald Events Middle East
M: +971 52 900 1974


For all enquiries for Saudi Arabia only please contact:

Lander Unzueta
Arkan Business Group, LLC.
M +966 501 232 999